About the glObal golazO

I’m a father, a football buff and a fan of international collaboration. So two kinds of global goal (i.e. Golazo!) get me excited.

First, better education systems for our children.

Second, this:

But how are education and football goals linked? Can countries combine good education with good football? Will global leaders like Messi and Neymar agree on shared post-2014 education goals at this year’s World Football Summit in Brazil?

Straightforward Football Tactics


Global golazo is my attempt to find answers to these important questions. Over the next few weeks, my mission couldn’t be more straightforward.

  1. Dig out findings of my favourite international education reports, like the PISA survey and the Education for All Global Monitoring Report.
  2. Establish some rather spurious (or maybe even serious) links to the world of football & share them with you.
  3. Read the kids a story and put them to bed.
  4. Watch football until 2 in the morning.

Looking forward to your comments and contributions!



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