More Messis for Global Education

Group B boasts great educators and top footballers. It also gathers three big aid donors: Australia, the Netherlands and Spain. So how committed are they to global education? The answer, as this chart shows, is: not enough !

Aid to Basic Education - in #Messis








Goup B’s combined aid to basic education in developing countries didn’t even reach 2 Messis in 2012. For those of you unfamiliar with this scale:
1 Messi = US$ 163.2 million.

Australia was the best of a bad bunch, providing almost 1 Messi (US$ 151.5 million). Spain provided only US$ 17.7 million. At today’s prices, that doesn’t even get you one blundering Iker Casillas.

What 1 Messi can buy

Let’s take a look at Cameroon, playing Croatia tonight. UNESCO estimates that, every year, the government spends about US$ 146 on each primary school pupil. We also know that about 189,000 children there are out of school.

On the back of my envelope, spending 1 Messi would give each of them almost six years of primary school.

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) will be asking donors for more money next week. Surely it’s worth it!


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